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Plant Nutrients

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Nutrients and Additives

hydroponic-shop & Hydroponics Centre, Online, have all your favourite nutrients and additives available for you to book either online or by telephone.

These Nutrients and Additives will appear in manufacturers order, for your convienance. Just Click on your preferred manufacturer and you will be transported through to either the nutrients or additives available in that section.

If you can't see what your looking for here, maybe you would like to click here to seemore alternatives available.

If you are looking for additives to use for the control of pests and disease, click here.

We have many more nutrients, not yet online so if you can't see anything you are looking for orIf you prefer to book by telephone, please call us on 01603 666199 or e:mail us at hydroponic-shop.comand we will do our best to help.

Did you know...? Ahydroponically grown plant expends a greater proportion of its effort growing upwards because all the nutrients it requires are readily available.Having all nutrients available benefits the plants by promoting quicker growth and, in the case of crop bearing plants, higher yields. Further more, hydroponically grown plants are healthier.more robust than their soil grown counterparts andhome grown fruit and vegetables tastes farsuperior to those found in supermarkets.

Under the right conditions a hydroponically grown plant will grow between 2 to 4 times more quickly than in soil.

For tomatoes, commercial growers have realised yields per hectare of up to 40 times that of soil grown plants.

Our deliveries start from as little as 3.95!